Trump’s recent decision to put US nationals in Morocco in jeopardy

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President Donald Trump delivering a speech in the White House on Wednesday 6th of December./Ph. DR

Following the US President’s decision of moving the American embassy to Al-Quds and recognizing the city as a capital of Israel, the US Embassy in Rabat published on Thursday a post on its Facebook page warning American citizens against the consequences of the US’ recent announcement.

In a small paragraph, the Embassy wrote that relocating «the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem may spark protests, some of which have the potential to become violent». The US Mission in Morocco insisted that U.S citizens have to be cautious and aware of personal security.

The Embassy also posted a link to its security reminder published on the 6th of December. In this message, it asked the US nationals in Morocco to «remain aware» of their surroundings, monitor local news for updates, and avoid areas of demonstrations.

President Donald Trump announced yesterday in a speech from the white house announcing that the US will relocate its embassy to Al-Quds despite the warnings he received, including Morocco’s Sovereign’s. He has gone on with his decision following «a new approach» to the peace process, in accordance with the bill passed by the Congress in 1995.

As Chairman of Al-Quds Committee, king Mohammed VI sent on Tuesday, 5th of December, a message to the US President. In his letter, the Moroccan sovereign expressed his «deep concern and that of Arab and Muslim countries following the persistent news of your Administration’s intention to recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel».

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