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Terrorism : 4 people sentenced from one to three years over terror-related charges

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The Sale anti-terror court has sentenced on Thursday, 14th of December, four individuals to between one and three years in prison over terror-related charges.

The court also sentenced to one year in prison and fined two other defendants for praising terrorist attacks.

Moreover, it has decided to postpone until January the 4th the examination of the case of eight people, including three women, prosecuted over terror links.

These eight defendants are accused of «forming a gang as part of a collective project to seriously undermine public order».

In October 2016, the security services had managed to dismantle a cell made up of ten women, including seven minors, who were working in several cities to recruit other women and make them join «ISIS».

«During their arrest, chemicals had been seized which are likely to be used in manifucturing explosives,» said a statement issued by the Interior Ministry, adding that «the members of this female cell were planning to carry out suicide attacks in several vital sites in the Kingdom».

Five more defendants are being tried in the same case, including a student at the Guelmim Agricultural Technical Institute, as well as three former military members who were expelled from the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) in October 2016 for «forming a gang as part of a project to seriously undermine public order».

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