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Moroccans detained in Libya: The government is to launch a third repatriation operation

Mustapha El Khalfi, the government spokesperson./Ph. DR
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What is the estimated number of the Moroccan migrants detained in Libya? This question has left the Minister of Relations with Parliament, spokesman for the government silent during a press briefing organized on Thursday afternoon.

Mustapha El Khalfi, on the other hand, announced that the commission in charge of the file is working on the 3rd repatriation operation but without giving more details.

Last week, 235 Moroccan migrants returned home on two planes. Previously, 190 had also benefited from the operation organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Moroccans residing abroad.

For the last few months, a range of videos filmed by a young man who claimed being detained in Lybia seeking the authorities to intervene went viral on social media.

On December the 8th, Yabiladi announced the launch of the third repatriation operation of Moroccans stuck in Libya, an authorized source from the Ministry of Moroccans Residing abroad indicated.

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