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Norway adopts a program to support voluntary return and reintegration

The signing of Voluntary Return and Reintegration Assistance Program (AVRR) from Morocco between IOM and Norway, 13 December in Rabat / Ph. IOM
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In Norway, some Moroccan migrants choose to return to their country of origin. However, they are forced to abandon their decision because of the lack of financial resources.

But this situation will change, with the signing on Wednesday of an agreement between the International Organization for Migration in Morocco (IOM) and the Norwegian Embassy, states the IOM in a statement.

The initiative is part of the program of assistance for voluntary return and reintegration (AVRR) launched by IOM in 2005 which aims at assisting migrants wishing to return home.

The agreement has made it easier for more than 10,000 migrants of all nationalities to return to their countries in a procedure that «respects human dignity,» says IOM.

The AVRR Morocco involves many local and international actors. Since its creation, the program allowed the return of nearly 6,800 migrants to 36 different countries.

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