The Real Madrid channel publishes a long documentary dedicated to Achraf Hakimi

Achraf Hakimi, a Moroccan-Spanish footballer./Ph. DR
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The official Real Madrid channel has recently published a documentary about the Moroccan-Spanish football player Achraf Hakimi. For one hour, the program «Campo de Estrellas» («The field of stars») shed light on the journey of the Madrid native player, speaking about his childhood and his first experiences in the field.

In the documentary Hakimi’s parents, siblings, childhood friends, coaches and teammates were there to talk about him. «I had been dreaming of playing in the first division in a club that is as important as Real Madrid. Being able to play in the selection of your country is something inexplicable», said Achraf Hakimi. «He is the first Moroccan player to play with Real Madrid. This is a great joy for all Moroccans», says Munir Mohand, a Spanish-Moroccan footballer.

Although he grew up in Getafe, in the southern suburbs of Madrid, the player did not forget about his parents’ origins : «My parents came from Morocco. They are simple and humble people. «His mother is indeed from Ksar el-Kebir, while his father comes from Oued Zem. In the family, origins are never forgotten : «His favorite dish is couscous !» said his mother with a smile on the face.

«My parents were very well received in our neighborhood. There are a lot of immigrants who live there», he adds.

«I've known him since he was two years old. He is someone who loves competition, but at the same time, he is very generous (...) After classes, we would always play football», said one of his friends. «He is much of a footballer than a student !» said another one.

«My mom pushed me to do athletics, like swimming because I always needed to move. But I knew that what I wanted was to play football», he told the camera.

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