Helena Maleno : Providing assistance for a person in a dangerous situation is not a crime

Helena Maleno, a Spanish journalist and activist accused of helping migrants enter Spain illegally./Ph. DR
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Several human rights groups and organizations have signed a joint document supporting the Spanish journalist and activist, Helena Maleno Garzón.

The Moroccan Association of Human Rights (AMDH), the Africa-Europe Interact network as well as several other associations, foundations and companies signed the document.

The Spanish police accused Helena Maleno of being involved in facilitating illegal immigration, believing that she is helping migrants enter the Spanish territory.

«She saved several people of different nationalities, Moroccans too, accompanied families and managed to put names on dead bodies thrown by the sea», said the statement.

In recent months, boats chartered by NGOs to carry out search and rescue operations for migrants in dangerous situations in the Mediterranean, are subject to constant threats and restrictions, forcing them one after the other to give up their humanitarian work.

«We don’t understand how the Moroccan justice can participate in violating international laws and conventions. We insist that it is up to states to protect those who defend human rights and help migrants», said the same document.

Helena Maleno is to appear in court on December the 27th.

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