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USA : A Democratic Senator urges the EPA to audit Scott Pruitt’s visit to Morocco

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt meets with Minister Rabbah in Morocco./ Ph. (European Pressphoto Agency)
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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment, is requested to audit the trip of Scott Pruitt, an American Republican politician who is currently serving as the fourteenth Administrator of the same agency, to Morocco which reportedly cost $40,000, reports Reuters on Monday.

On Monday, Sen. Thomas R. Carper, the top Democrat on the Senate environment committee asked the American agency to investigate Pruitt’s mission to the Kingdom of Morocco saying : «I request that you review the purpose of Administrator Pruitt’s travels to determine whether his activities during each trip are in line with EPA’s mission to protect human health and the environment».

Last week, the EPA’s chief visited, Morocco in a four-day trip, reports the Associated Press. During his trip to the kingdom, the official held talks with his Moroccan counterparts trying to promote the importing of natural gas. However, the EPA chief’s recent visit to the country has sparked tension around his expenses.

Carper pointed out at Pruitt’s mission to the North African country last week insisting that «it seems strange that Administrator Pruitt would prioritize a trip to Morocco to discuss natural gas exports while there is no shortage of more pressing issues here in the U.S.»

Arrived in the United States of America on Wednesday, 13th of December, Pruitt stated that the trip «allowed us to directly convey our priorities and best practices with Moroccan leaders».

«We are committed to working closely with countries like Morocco to enhance environmental stewardship around the world».

During his trip, EPA chief went on a tour to the IRESEN Green Energy Park, to have an idea about how Morocco wants to expand domestic solar energy production.

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