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UK : Thousands of Muslims clean the streets after New Year’s Eve

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The day after New Year in the United Kingdom, the streets are often strewn with rubbish following the festivities of the day before. Thousands of Muslims celebrated 2018 by cleaning the streets several cities across the United Kingdom. This initiative was organized in association with the local councils, says the British newspaper The Independent.

In Liverpool, members of the Nasir Mosque in Brougham Terrace (Liverpool) helped volunteers from the local community «to put some order in the city after the holiday season as part of the Big Street Clean», indicates the Belgian daily newspaper Metrotime.

In Hartlepool, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) armed themselves with brooms and garbage bags to clean the streets just after the dawn prayer.  According to Wadood Ahmad Daud, relayed by the local daily Hartlepool Mail : «Cleaning the streets of Hartlepool also presents us with an opportunity to become better Muslims as cleanliness is an integral part of our faith. We are peace-loving British Muslims and will continue to do all we can to serve our local community as best we can and wherever there is a need.»

This initiative did not cover only Liverpool and Hartlepool, but was witnessed in other cities such as London, Leicester, Cardiff and Manchester, as well as other small towns.

«It's nice to see these young guys help so that they have the choice to do what they want,» says Abdul Lodi, who is in charge of the national campaign. The youngest volunteer in Bolton is only seven years old.

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