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An unaccompanied Moroccan minor dies in Melilla

An unaccompanied Moroccan minor dies in Melilla./Ph. DR
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An unaccompanied minor, protected by the autonomous city of Melilla, died in a health center where he was hosted since December the 26th, said EFE news agency. The teenager had just left the hospital where he had his leg amputated after a car collision.

In a press release, the Ministry of Social Affairs in Melilla indicated that the young man was a Moroccan minor. The 17-year-old teenager was found dead in his room.

According to the city’s social services, he was suffering from an injury and had to get his leg amputated. Since then, since then he was staying at the Gota health center in Leche to recover.

The Ministry of Social Affairs profoundly regretted the death of this young man. It announced that an investigation was opened to determine the circumstances of this tragic incident.

This is the second time that an unaccompanied foreign minor placed under the tutelage of Melilla dies in the last 15 days. On the 22nd of December, a young sub-Saharan girl lost her life after being admitted for 20 days to the intensive care unit of the Melilla Regional Hospital. She was suffering from a cardiac arrest in the center where housed her.

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