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USA : Pentagon grants Morocco $ 18 million for the fight against terrorism

The Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense./Ph. DR
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The Trump administration plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on US allies in the Middle East and North Africa region to fight «ISIS», as the terrorist group tries to flee the Levant heading to Africa, says Le Desk, quoting a US Department of Defense report. In total, the Trump administration would have already donated $ 600 millions, reports Newsweek.

The Defense Department is expected to deliver weapons and help Special Forces units better equip countries, according to congressional documents consulted by Al-Monitor media. The aim is to fight the internal and external threats of returning jihadists or sympathizers of the terrorist organization.

The US Department will help countries like Morocco and Tunisia, threatened by jihadists crossing North Africa via instability-ridden Libya. The money could help these countries face the border problems that allow jihadists to enter relatively easily.

While Morocco has not been targeted by terrorist attacks similar to those of Tunisia it has served as a launchpad for attacks in Europe, including the attacks in Barcelona, said Newsweek.

A budget of $ 18 million is thus already granted to the Kingdom, says Le Desk, for the purchase of trucks, handguns, machine guns, protective clothing in Kevlar, as well as training sessions offered by US units (GI's and Navy Seals).

The money allocated to Morocco remains below the $ 1.3 billion granted to Egypt, the $ 138 million allocated to Jordan or the $ 120 million given to Lebanon. In the Maghreb region, Tunisia is ahead of Morocco with $ 31 million.

For the record, Rabat is a member of the international coalition, under US command, created to fight against the organization «Islamic State».

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