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Guerguerate : Brahim Ghali wants to meet Kohler in Europe

Brahim Ghali wants to meet Horst Kohler in Europe./Ph. DR
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Trying to profit from the actual Guerguerate crisis, the Polisario’s leadership is working on convincing Horst Kohler, Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, to meet with Brahim Ghali, leader of the separatist movement, in the coming weeks, probably at the end of January. This was announced to media by Bukhari Ahmed, the Front’s representative to the United Nations.

A European capital is expected to host the meeting, adds the same source. The Guerguerate crisis, according to Bukhari, should be one of the topics to be discussed during the meeting of the Polisario leader and the personal envoy.

Since his appointment in July 2016, Brahim Ghali has never officially travelled to Europe. The complaints filed against him in Spain have stopped him from entering the European country.

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