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Badou Ezzaki to manage the Algerian club JSK

Badou Ezzaki, a Moroccan retired footballer and a current manager./Ph. DR
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The Moroccan retired footballer who played as a goalkeeper and current coach, Ezzaki Badou, is expected to manage Kabylie Jeunesse Sportive (JSK), and Algerian professional association football club based in Tizi Ouzou.

The JSK leaders have offered Badou Ezzaki an 18-month contract. «In principle, both parties agreed, but there should probably be a final round of negotiations in Tizi Ouzou, this Thursday or Friday, during which the two parties will set the duration of the contract and conclude the clauses», indicates Le Buteur.

«I have agreed on this collaboration and we will discuss it in details on Thursday», confirmed Ezzaki in an interview with the same newspaper. «I have to go to Algeria to have an idea about the situation of the club. I will be accompanied by my agent, things will be preceded the same way they came to the CRB», he said.

JSK leaders rely on Badou Ezzaki to better the performance of the club : «In terms of goals, I think that things are quite clear, the JSK is going through a critical period, the main objective is to get them back on track, advance positively and improve the club’s ranking».

This Saturday, his team will have to face a small team from Oued R’hiou. The coach will have only 48 hours, after his arrival on Thursday, to prepare for this match.

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