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The most expensive gift given to Barack Obama is from King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI with the former US President, Barack Obama during his visit to the USA./Ph. DR
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While in office, Barack Obama received several gifts from foreign governments, but the most expensive one of them all is King Mohammed VI's. According to federal documents made public on Wednesday by the State Department’s Protocol Office, the most valuable single gift given to the Obamas in 2016 «came from the king of Morocco».

Reported on Friday by Fox News, the sovereign «presented the first family with an ornate gold-plated brooch adorned with diamonds and rubies, a gold clutch with an emerald and diamond clasp, diamond earringd and gold teardrop earrings with diamonds and emerlards». The king's present is worth $101,200 which accounts for almost MAD 936,000.

Most of the gifts granted to Barack Obama were turned to the National Archives and including king Mohammed VI's lavish present, said the same source.

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