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Masdar installs more than 19,000 solar home systems in Morocco

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Masdar, the Middle East’s largest exporter of renewable energy, announced on Monday, 14th of January, at the Abu Dhabi’s Sustainability Week that it has managed to equip around 128,000 homes with solar home systems, reports the Emirates News agency. According to the same source, the company has installed a «landmark off-grid solar power project that extends energy access to 19,438 homes in more than 1,000 rural villages in Morocco».

The project entitled «the Morocco Solar Home Systems» (SHS) is a partnership between Masdar and National Office for Electricity and Potable Water (ONEE) with the objective of boosting Morocco’s electrification efforts.

«Morocco is a showcase for progressive policies and regulations that enable the adoption of renewable energy, and for effective public-private cooperation,» said Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, Chief Executive Officer of Masdar. On the other hand, Abderrahim El Hafidi, acting Director-General of ONEE told the same source that «off-grid solar has the capacity to deliver electricity access to remote regions practically and cost-efficiently. Masdar is proud to have contributed our expertise and experience to help implement this transformative project, and we remain a committed partner of Morocco to support the realization of its long-term clean energy goals.»

Masder is planning to assist the home solar systems for two years through its Engineering Procurement and Construction contractors. After that, ONEE would manage the network for eight years.

In October, Enel Green Power SpA, an Italian multinational renewable-energy corporation, headquartered in Rome, said that it would acquire 48 % stake in the Moroccan firm, Masdar Energy while Marita Group, a Moroccan holding operating in the real estate, energy and education industries will control the remaining 52%. Masdar Energy has signed an agreement with Société d'Investissements Energies (SIE) for the launch of a pilot project of energy efficiency in the Moroccan penitentiary environment. 

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