Amsterdam : A 14-year-old girl refused entry on a bus for looking Moroccan

A 14-year-old girl refused entry on a bus for looking Moroccan./Ph. DR
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A 14-year-old girl was denied entry on a GVB bus in Amsterdam for looking Moroccan, NL Times reported on Tuesday. Her mother Dounia Tapijt, explained that on the 21st of November her daughter and another girl were waiting for bus 38 in Amsterdam Noord, from Elzenhagen to Molenwijk. According to her account the two girls were told by the bus driver that «they had to wait outside».

When the teenager asked why, she was told by the same person that he would rather «not have that kind of people on the bus». When she asked again what he meant by his words, the driver answered saying : «Moroccans».

When a passenger tried to defend the 14-year-old, insisting that she would get off if the girls are not on the bus, the driver finally let them on, said the mother on a call she posted on Facebook. She indicated that she reported the incident to GVB, the municipal public transport operator for Amsterdam, and the discrimination hotline the next day.

According to Tapijt, the company is trying to protect the driver adding that «finding him is very easy, because my daughter checked in. The manager does not want to call me and I can’t get his phone number».

Commenting on the incident, GVB said that «nobody is allowed to be refused on board our vehicles because of his appearance», reports NL Times quoting Het Parool. It clarified that four of its drivers knew nothing about the incident and that the description given by the girl does not match the company’s drivers.

Meanwhile, GVB assured that «camera images are overwritten after about 24 hours. Unfortunately the report of this incident came in too late, so we could not lift the camera images».

The Amsterdam police are investigating the incident, submitting a request for information to GVB.

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