AML’s Diagoras ceded to Greek Attica

AML’s Diagoras ceded to Greek Attica./Ph. DR
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Diagoras, a ship operating within the Africa Morocco Link, was ceded to BMCE Bank of Africa's Greek partner, Attica, «as originally planned», an authorized source close to the file told Medias 24.

The latter indicated that the ferry had been «acquired for 6 months», a period that was renewed twice. The restitution to its previous owners was therefore «contractual».

«We are going to replace it soon with a more suitable and less expensive ship in charge of operations, like the one we have to date, the Morocco Star», the company’s representative added.

The ferry was launched in June 2016 by the new AML company, owned by the BMCE Bank of Africa group (51%), as part of a deal to boost the Moroccan initiatives in the industry. The Greek company Attica controls 49% of the equity of the company.

Since January the 1st, the ferry has stopped operating under the Moroccan flag. Le Desk also posted a video showing «officers removing the Moroccan flag off the deck of the ship, replacing it with the Greek one.»

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