Melilla : A governmental delegation to return 36 migrants to Morocco

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Temporary Center for Immigrants and Asylum Seekers (CETI) in Melilla./Ph. DR

The government delegate in Melilla, Abdelmalik El Barkani, announced yesterday that 36 of the 39 migrants who arrived in the Chafarinas Islands, a group of three small islets located in the Alboran Sea off the coast of Morocco, and then transferred to Melilla, will be sent back to Morocco to prevent the «migration mafias» from making the Spanish archipelagos a «new gateway to Spain», reports Europa Press.

The official said that only three of them were hosted at Temporary Center for Immigrants and Asylum Seekers (CETI) in Melilla : two women, including a pregnant woman, and a minor, were considered «vulnerable».

The others are being held in by the police, waiting for the administrative procedures to be carried out for their repatriation to Morocco, the country from which they entered Spain, «in accordance with the law on immigration», said Abdelmalik El Barkani.

The government delegation in Melilla has been insisting on returning migrants arriving in the Spanish islands, located a few meters away from the Moroccan coast, to prevent them from becoming «new access points to the Spanish territory», stated the official.

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