A Moroccan national arrested near the Turkish-Bulgarian borders over terror links

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The borders between Turkey and Bulgaria where the Moroccan national was arrested./Ph. DR

A Moroccan national, who is suspected of being an Islamic State terrorist, was arrested near the Turkish-Bulgarian borders, the Bulgarian news agency reported Monday.

The suspect was trying to enter the Bulgarian territory using a fake French identity at his arrest. Identified as H.Z, the man is wanted by the Moroccan authorities through an Interpol warrant for terrorism-related activities and membership of «ISIS».

According to the same source, quoting the Interpol, the arrested used to work with the Department of Mechanical Engineering attached to the Directorate General of Military Bearings in Syria. While holding this position, the man traveled to Syria carrying a «belt of explosives, hand grenades, firearms and ammunition».

The Moroccan national is expected to appear in a Court in Haskovo, the administrative city in Bulgaria, this afternoon.

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