The number of road deaths falls to 2% in 2017

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High angle view traffic jam in Zerktouni, Casablanca./Ph. Shutterstrock

The number of deaths on Moroccan roads fell by 2.62% in 2017, State Secretary for Transport, Mohamed Najib Boulif, said Monday in Rabat.

According to preliminary statistics, 3,499 deaths were recorded in 2017, compared to 3,593 in 2016, Boulif said at a meeting of the Road Security Standing Committee held on the occasion of the National Road Safety Day.

943 people died in road accidents in urban areas in 2017 recording a 4.17% year-on-year decrease, while 2,556 others were killed in rural areas (-2.03%), Boulif noted.

89,998 traffic accidents were reported in 2017, a 9.99% rise compared to 2016, he pointed out, adding that the number of fatal traffic accidents has reached 3,085 in 2017 (-2.47%). 

In 2017, 9,175 people were seriously injured in road accidents, recording a 2.51% year-on-year increase, Boulif said, adding that the number of light injuries stood at 119,138 (+ 9%).

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