Moroccans in Italy lead the creation of businesses, according to a report

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A market in Italy./Ph. DR

Moroccans residing in Italy are the community of immigrants outside the EU which creates the most private companies in this European country, according to a report by the Italian Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

In its 2017 report, the Federation said that 68,259 enterprises were created by Moroccans until the end of last year, noting a clear increase in the creation of companies at the initiative of members of the Moroccan community.

By region, 6.8% of Moroccan-owned companies are located in the northern Italian city of Turin, mainly operating in the construction and trade sectors.

According to the same source, Chinese immigrants living in Italy came second with 52,000 new companies, followed by Romanians (49,317) and Albanians (31,773).

In 2015, the Italian research and study centre IDOS conducted a similar survey, according to which Moroccans also ranked first among foreign entrepreneurs of individual companies. They held nearly 65,000 companies in Italy, i.e. 15.2% of the businesses created by immigrants.

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