Imams : Italian Home Minister calls for the expansion of partnership between the two countries

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Italian Interior Minister, Marco Minniti./Ph. DR

Italian Interior Minister, Marco Minniti called on Friday for the extension of the partnership linking Al-Quaraouiyine and Siena universities regarding the training of imams.

At a symposium on «Italian Muslims Together for a Solidary Society» initiated by the Islamic and Cultural Center of Rome, Marco Minniti emphasized that the training experience of imams will allow the Muslim community to better interact and integrate into society.

Last October, a partnership agreement was signed between the Italian University of Siena and that of Al-Quaraouiyine in Fez in regarding that.

The agreement is about launching a training branch for imams in the Faculty of Humanities and Civilizational Communication in the city of Arrezzo (Tuscany) starting from the current academic year. The aim is to «protect young people from extremism and fight against obscurantist ideas».

During this meeting, attended by the ambassador of the Kingdom in Rome, Hassan Abouyoub, the Italian Minister explained that the extension of such a partnership in Italy should make an example to follow for other European countries. He pointed out that «Islam is not contrary to the Italian Constitution». Marco Minniti added that this religion is compatible with the fundamental values advocated by the supreme law of the country.

The chairman of the board of directors of the Islamic and Cultural Center, Khaled Chaouki, invited the Italian government to adopt a project for the integration of members of the Muslim community, while solving young people's issues.

Founded in 1966, the Islamic and Cultural Center is the only Islamic institution recognized by the Italian state under a presidential decree in 1974.

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