Melilla : New measures to promote a moderate religious discourse

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The Melilla Islamic Commission has agreed with the Nador provincial delegation of Islamic Affairs to improve the registration procedures of Imams that operate in 17 mosques in the Spanish enclave, reports Melilla Hoy newspaper. The objective of this agreement is «to promote a moderate religious discourse built on coexistence».

In a press release, the Commission said that three agreements were reached during a meeting with the Nador delegation, which tackle issues that impact the Muslim population of Melilla.

The delegation requested that an Imam should officiate the two Muslim feasts prayers with two other Imams to replace him if needed. They must be able to deliver sermons in fluent Arabic, Spanish and Tamazight.

The two bodies also agreed on creating a training program in Melilla mosques for all Muslims who want to go on pilgrimage, coordinating with the Commission and the Council of Senior Scholars. The goal is to facilitate the development of this ritual considered as the fifth pillar of Islam.

«We hope that communicating would help improve religious practice for Muslims in the city, in a way that would positively promote co-existence», said the body in the same statement.

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