France : Muslim leaders demand the release of Tariq Ramadan

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Scholars at the Grande mosquée de Lyon and Villeurbanne have demanded on Wednesday the «immediate release of the Swiss academic (…) accused of raping» two women, reports Ouest France.

Kamel Katbane, rector of the Grand Mosque of Lyon and his the one of  Villeurbanne, Azzedine Gaci, insisted that Tariq Ramadan should be released, referring to his medical condition. The two officials issued a joint statement indicating that Ramadan was a «victim of a political campaign launched against him through media, where subjective accusations overweighed the sacred principle of the «presumption of innocence».

The two rectors added saying : «The way with which this renowned intellectual, recognized and respected among the Muslim community in France is treated, gives a feeling of injustice and nourishes the idea that he is judged more for his ideas and his commitments than for the facts he is accused of, and on which justice must be able to work on in all serenity.»

For the record, Ramadan was detained by the French police for alleged rape. His lawyers have claimed that he was suffering from multiple sclerosis and had requested his release under bail.

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