Spain : A Moroccan national to serve a prison sentence for terrorism

A Moroccan national to serve a prison sentence for terrorism./Ph. DR
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Judge Carmen Lamela confirmed yesterday that the Moroccan national accused in Spain for terrorism will have to serve a prison sentence, said the regional online newspaper La Verdad.

Khalid E., 31, who is legally residing in Spain, is accused of joining a terrorist organization and trying to recruit jihad candidates. He is prosecuted for carrying terrorist indoctrination and being a terrorist sympathizer.

Judge Carmen Lamela stated that the individual is an integral part of the terrorist organization «Islamic State». He therefore also faces a charge of belonging to an armed group.

For the record, the individual was very active on the internet. Since 2014, he has regularly broadcast, through three different profiles, online content in which he openly supported ISIS.

He shared videos through which he praises the terrorist group, chants urging people to practice armed jihad, as well as photos and other posts showing the execution of American soldiers. The videos he broadcast also contained messages of hatred and violence against the «enemies of Islam».

Moreover, he followed on social media people who were arrested by the police, in Morocco as well as in Spain, for their alleged links with ISIS.

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