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Journalist Taoufik Bouachrine under arrest for heavy criminal charges

Taoufik Bouachrine, a Moroccan journalist arrested for heavy criminal charges./Ph. DR
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Akhabr Al-Youm columnist and publisher Taoufik Bouachrine is prosecuted for heavy criminal charges, Monday, after being arrested on Friday, 23rd of February, and put in custody renewed on Saturday.

The Attorney General at the Casablanca Appeal court decided on Monday that Taoufik Bouachrine is to be prosecuted for human trafficking, exploiting and taking advantage of unfortunate people, using power for sexual exploitation, threatening, rape, sexual assault , inciting people to prostitute including a pregnant woman and recording and filming them, said a communiqué issued today.

The same source added that 8 people were subjected to these offenses and that they were filmed and recorded in 50 tapes saved on a hard disk.

According to the statement, the journalist Bouachrine will appear before the Criminal Chamber of the Appeal Court in Casablanca on 8 March.

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