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Saad Lamjarred to visit Morocco «this week»

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Moroccan pop singer Saad Lamjarred accused of allegedly raping a French girl in October 2016, is to visit Morocco, reports AFP on Tuesday quoting several sources.

On his social media accounts, (Instagram and Facebook) the 32-year-old declared on Monday that he is «temporarily vising Morocco in the coming days», to launch his new song «Ghazali Ghazali».

Meanwhile, contacted by the French news agency Lamjarred’s father Abdou Bachir confirmed that his son is entering Morocco «this week», as he was granted an authorization to leave the French territory by the court.

For the record, Saad Lamjarred was accused of alleged sexual assault charges against a French woman, namely Laura Prioul. He was put under house arrest and was forced to wear an electronic bracelet without being able to leave the territory.

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