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Moroccan accused of the Turku attack is criminally responsible for his actions

The Moroccan national accused of the Turku attack is criminally responsible for his actions./Ph. DR
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The Moroccan national accused of killing two people and wounding 8 others last August in Turku, Finland was found criminally responsible for his actions, reports YLE. The Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare announced Friday that Abderrahman Bouanane is safe and sound and to held accountable for his deeds.

The report was delivered on the 6th of March after the southwest Finland District Court ordered psychiatric evaluation last October, following the request of the accused.

The suspect is charged on «two counts of murder with terrorist intent and eight counts of attempted murder with terrorist intent».

According to the same source, the preliminary hearings will be held on March the 20th.

Investigators believe that the Moroccan national is an ISIS soldier who was radicalized in a short amount of time. He did not admit any terrorist motive, according to his lawyer, Kaarle Gummerus who claimed last year that «(his client) admits manslaughter and injuries ... But what the investigator has brought up this far may not be enough to classify this as a terrorist crime».

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