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Sahara natural resources : The Polisario sends a new letter to Antonio Guterres

Antonio Guterres the Secretary-General of the United Nations./Ph. DR
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The Polisario officially launches a campaign against the exploitation of natural resources in the Sahara, targeting the UN. In a new letter, Brahim Ghali asked Antonio Guterres to denounce the «illegal» activity in the province that could «hinder the UN political process».

In his new letter, the head of the Front is calling the Secretary-General of the United Nations to «urge the European Union and its member states to abandon the ongoing negotiations with the Kingdom of Morocco on the fisheries agreement if they intend to include Western Sahara».

Moreover, Brahim Ghali reminded Guterres of the ruling issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union on the 27th of February. A decison that validates the 2014 agreement, which will expire on July the 14th of the current year, while declaring that it is not applicable to Western Sahara.

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