The politically incorrect statement of Melilla's vice-president about Morocco

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Daniel Conesa Mínguez, vice-President of Melilla / Ph. DR

Although these remarks are ironic, they are politically «incorrect». The vice-President of the autonomous city of Melilla, Daniel Conesa Mínguez, tweeted account the borders : «Do those who criticize us know the problems that come from the Moroccan side ? What do you want us to do ? To invade them ? Please...»

Reported by El Faro de Melilla, the MP and spokesman of the People’s Party criticized Melilla in an assembly for not proposing solutions to the migration problem: «Beyond any negative and political criticism, I never hear about proposals or alternatives».

Meanwhile, the government delegate in the city, Abdelmalik El Barkani, stressed that «the projects and measures put in place will soon be fruitful.»

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