A package sent to a British politician might be linked to the «Punish a Muslim Day» campaign

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Mohamed Yasin, a Muslim politician in the UK who was sent a suspicious package./Ph. DR

The London police announced on Monday that two policemen were «hospitalized» after discovering a suspicious package at the Norman Shaw Buildings, a pair of buildings in Westminster used as Parliamentary offices, reports AFP on Tuesday.

«Two people have been hospitalized as a precaution after a Labor MP received a suspicious parcel which sources say contained an unknown liquid», tweeted the Westminster police adding that «the suspect package was sent to Bedford MP Mohammad Yasin». The latter is a Muslim Labor MP.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson from Yasin’s office told HuffPost UK that : «Everyone is fine, but it was clearly a worrying incident».

AFP also reports that the package was delivered to the office of the Muslim Labor MP Mohammad Yasin, who was not there at the moment. According to The Telegraph newspaper, a liquid leaked from the package. The police is concerned that this parcel is part of a possible coordinated campaign, referring to the anonymous letters calling to «Punish a Muslim» on April 3rd.

The people behind this initiative have not been identified yet, but their letters are distinguished by a hateful speech : «They have hurt you. They have made your loved ones suffer. They have caused you pain and heartache. What are going to do about it ?»

Scotland Yard announced that an anti-terrorism investigation was under way to identify the ones behind these letters.

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