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Melilla : A Belgian national convicted of murder was arrested in Morocco

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The Spanish police arrested a Belgian national sentenced to 10 years in prison while trying to enter Melilla through the border crossing with Morocco, said EFE.

The man is considered by the Belgian authorities as «dangerous and violent,» said sources of the Spanish government delegation in Melilla, adding that he was sentenced to ten years in prison for collusion with murder and unlawful possession of weapons.

His arrest took place yesterday at the Farhana border crossing, said Abdelmalik El Barkani, a government delegate in Melilla.

The police found out that an arrest warrant had been issued by Belgium against the same individual.

The individual «probably» attempted to cross the border via the Farhana post, in order to escape an identity check that was certainly being carried out at the Beni-Enzar border post, declared the government delegate.

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