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Hervé Renard plans to sue a Moroccan player

Hervé Renard wants to sue a Moroccan player who accused him of corruption./Ph. DR
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Hervé Renard, a French former professional player and the current manager of the Morocco national team, said Thursday on his Twitter that he was planning to sue a Moroccan player who accused him of being corrupt, said AFP.

«It’s been ten years now that I’m in Africa and no player has ever been selected without it being my sole responsibility», said the French coach in a statement released on Thursday on his Twitter.

Through his words, Renard refers to Mouhcine Metouali, a former Raja footballer who plays currently with the Quatari club Al-Rayyan. Asked by a local magazine about his chances of being called to play for the national team, he said that to be summoned by the national team manager he needs to be «friend with an agent who knows the coach in order to convince him and give him gifts».

These words angered the coach who wrote saying : «Corruption is not part of my vocabulary and practices. My integrity characterizes my career, regardless of the consequences».

«Sometimes, some players express themselves under the influence of emotion, frustration, and sometimes spite (...) his words are outraging and defamatory. It does not only target my integrity, but it also insinuates that all the players I have selected are bribers.»

Hervé Renard, who is preparing for the Russia World Cup, said he has the right to «sue» Mouchine Metouali.

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