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Inwi files a lawsuit against Maroc Telecom for «unfair competition»

Inwi fles a lawsuit against Maroc Telecom./Ph. DR
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Telecommunication Company Inwi is filing a lawsuit against its competitor Maroc Telecom, seeking 5.7 billion dirhams for «alleged unfair competition», an Inwi official and a lawyer for the firm told Reuters on Thursday.

Abdelatif Wahebi, Inwi ‘s lawyer told the British news agency that the company is suing Maroc Telecom because «it holds 60 percent of the market and the law says companies should hold no more than 40 percent».

According to the latest figures, Reuters indicates that Maroc Telecom held in 2017 42.1 percent of the mobile market against 23 percent for Inwi. More than that, Maroc Telecom is responsible for 84 percent of the fixed line telephone market while Inwi holds 12.6 percent.

In an attempt to understand the reasons behind this lawsuit, Yabiladi tried to reach the two companies, but in vain.

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