195 Nigerians in Moroccan prisons for drug-related crimes, says a Nigerian diplomat

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195 Nigerians are imprisoned in Morocco for drug-related crimes, said on Friday Baba Garba, the Nigerian Ambassador to the Kingdom, reports the Nigerian News Agency (NAN).

«We have the menace of Nigerians that come from Latin America, transiting Morocco that are carriers of drugs», said the Nigerian ambassador insisting : «we have a number of them in prisons purely for drugs; I send the figures officially to government, there are 195 of them in prisons».

According to the diplomat, Morocco and Nigeria do not have a prisoner transfer agreement. A situation that Garba wants to change soon. «We have a bi-national commission and we are proposing end of June or the first week of July (…) It is at this forum we will talk to our Moroccan counterparts about a prisoner transfer agreement but at this point we do not have such agreement.»

Hailing the good diplomatic relations between the two African nations, the diplomat insisted that an agreement should be signed with Morocco to solve the problem.

According to Garba around 3000 Nigerians live in Morocco.

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