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Laftit reaffirms the government's support for development programs in Jerada

Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit./Ph. Dr
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Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit reaffirmed on Monday the government’s firm commitment to support Jerada province’s development program and to redouble its efforts to honor its commitments, reports MAP news agency.

Speaking at a meeting of the Committee of the Interior, local authorities Housing and City Policy at the House of Representatives, Laftit stressed the government’s will to provide answers to the concerns of the country(s representatives concerning the situation in the city of Jerada.

Despite the government's positive interaction with these demands, some parties are trying by all means to marginalize the efforts made within this framework by constantly inciting the population to protest, in a vain attempt to blackmail the state, he underlined.

These attacks clearly showed the existence of a will by these elements to jeopardize the interests of the population, the Minister stressed, adding that the nature of the attacks perpetrated against members of the public forces testifies to a culture of violence as behavior and ideology.

While deploring the behavior of some parties that should supervise citizens and assess the situation in an objective and balanced manner and in keeping with the nature of their political responsibilities, Laftit said that these provocative and irresponsible acts serve only the interests of media outlets which are hostile to the Kingdom.

In this regard, Laftit explained that all available evidence shows that protests in Jerada province are currently in the transition phase of groups with social, economic and environment demands to a stage through which recognized parties (as the Moroccan Association for Democratic Way and Human Rights) and other non-recognized parties (such as Jamaâ Al Adl Wal Ihssane) are trying to widen the protest zones in different regions of the Kingdom and exploit any social movement to worsen the situation.

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