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Morocco : A Belgian Embassy employee murdered by her ex-husband

A Belgian Embassy employer murdered by her ex-husband./Ph. DR
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A woman working for the Belgian embassy in Morocco was stabbed 13 times by her ex-husband in Rabat, reports the Dutch-language Belgian daily newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws on Tuesday.

Nicknamed Melanie, the victim who died surrendering to her wounds worked as the assistant to a Belgian magistrate at the embassy. Mother of an 8-year-old boy, from her first marriage, she had remarried another man of Moroccan origin who had lived in Denmark, before divorcing last year.

The tragedy occurred Friday, March 30th, when her first husband came to pick up their son for the weekend. As explained by RTL, his second husband, accompanied by an accomplice, «stabbed her 13 times targeting her neck and other organs».

In front of her son, Melanie finally succumbed to her injuries. She was buried Sunday in Rabat.

Her ex-husband and his accomplice were arrested. Moreover, the assailant, who regularly threatened his ex-wife, had already been sentenced for similar crimes in Denmark, where he stabbed his wife, who had survived.

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