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Spain : A Moroccan woman faces a seven-year sentence for justifying terrorism

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A 21-year-old woman has been tried on Tuesday, 3rd of April, after being accused of posting more than 230 photos and videos on social media justifying terrorism, reports the Spanish TV channel Antena 3.

The Moroccan national also broadcast texts praising the holy war. She is facing a seven-year sentence.

Since 2014, this young woman was objected to «an intense process of religious radicalization,» said the prosecutor, María Antonia Sanz, in the indictment, together with her companion. The latter was arrested in Bulgaria in 2015 while intending to join Syria. In 2016, he created a YouTube channel on which he had published 13 propaganda videos, trying to convince netizens that the best way to go was jihad or holy war.

On Instagram, the young woman had published 213 posts, including 203 ones that justify terrorism and Jihad. On some photos, she appeared wearing a niqab. She also had two Facebook accounts, calling herself «Mother of the Lion» on one of them, referring to a British national who had recruited young people to join the terrorist organization «Islamic State».

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