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A man tears off a Moroccan teenager’s scarf after punching her near a beach in Belgium

Ostend beach in Belgium where the Moroccan girl was assaulted./Ph. DR
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A 16-year-old Moroccan girl was beaten Friday in Ostend, Belgium, by a man who torn off her scarf, reported RTL Info on Tuesday. The girl who was on a school trip to the city said the man called her «vuil Marokkaans» (bloody Moroccan) before assaulting her.

«My daughter and her friend were walking near the beach», said the mother of the victim to a reporter from the same channel. Furthermore, she said that the man pushed her daughter violently and when she turned around to tell him off he tore off her head scarf and punched her in the face.

Her friend immediately called her classmates, four of them came and witnessed what happened. They have taken photos on the spot, showing the man strangling the Moroccan young girl.

The assault was reported to the Ostend police and an investigation is underway to determine the reasons behind this attack.

The mother stressed that her daughter is recovering slowly but cannot go to her student job scheduled for the holidays.

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