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Migration : Tangier’s Archbishop compares Europe to Nazi Germany

Santiago Agrelo, the Archbishop of Tangier./Ph. DR
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Archbishop for 10 years in Tangier, Santiago Agrelo, who is known for criticizing the Spanish migration policy, compared the way Europe is dealing with the migration issue to that of the Nazi regime.

In an interview with La Voz de Galicia, Santiago Agrelo, who has been campaigning for migrant rights for years, said that today's society is adopting «an attitude similar to that of the Germans at the time of the concentration camps».

Although the Archbishop admitted that sometimes he «exaggerates», he insisted that this problem «touches him personally because migrants are like [his] family». For him, these people are «victims of life and of where they were born. It is for this reason that they suffer».

For Santiago Agrelo, «we need a human society, where everyone shoulders their responsibilities». Hiding our heads in the sand can only lead to «suicide», while «the problem could be solved if society really pays attention to it,» he concluded.

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