«Deep State» : A series produced by Fox and shot in Morocco

Max, a former agent and the star of the series 'Deep State' produced by Fox and shot in Morocco./Ph. DR
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«Deep State» is the first big-budget drama series in the U.S. produced by Fox Networks Group Europe & Africa and shot in Morocco.

The shooting which started in May 2017 was mostly taking place in Morocco, and most precisely in Casablanca. The city was chosen to represent the «hot and dusty» climate of Beirut where the story’s events take place.

As described by the series' lead actor Mark Strong, who plays the role of Max, «Morocco is an instant scene where we shoot a lot outside, and that's what makes the difference». The shooting took place during the month of Ramadan particularly marked the actor who was impressed by the team that had fasted while working.

«People can be more attentive and effective, and they do it during Ramadan, which proves that they are very talented», said the actor.

The series narrates the story of a former M16 (Max) agent who, ten years after his retirement, was forced to go back on track to save his family. Behind this plot the series also deals with relations between the West and the Middle East. The series will be broadcast on Monday, April 9 in Europe.

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