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Spain : The government questioned about the safety of Spanish fishermen in Morocco

Pepa González Bayo (Huelva, Spain), one of the three MEPs who have questioned teh government about the safety of Spanish fishermen in Morocco./Ph. DR
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Spanish Socialist deputies in Huelva, Malaga and Lugo have submitted a series of written questions to the government to know if the Spanish government will ask the European Union to negotiate the security conditions Spanish fishermen are exposed to when operating in Morocco under the fisheries agreement, said Europa Press.

Negotiations between the EU and Morocco will start on the 16th of April, the three MEPs Pepa Gonzalez Bayo, Miguel Angel Heredia and Margarita Perez Herraiz said. They believe that «this agreement is important for the Spanish fishing sector, and for 120 Community vessels, including 90 which are Spanish, Andalusian, Canary and Galician».

Socialist parliamentarians consider it «necessary» that the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment «meet the demands of the sector». They also noted that the fisheries agreement concluded between the EU and Morocco has generated a revenue of 58 million Euros over the last four years, providing jobs (direct and indirect) for 1,500 people».

However, «the fishermen who operate in these waters demand more security in the Moroccan ports and emphasize the insecurity that they live in that of Larache», indicate the three deputies. «The fleet has called for bettering the landing conditions for catches, as well as infrastructure, safety and the sale of products, in order to improve the benefits».

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