When Gad Elmaleh teaches Jimmy Fallon how to hip thrust like a Moroccan

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Gad Elmaleh and Jimmy Fallon dance to Moroccan music at the Tonight Show on NBC./Ph. Screenshot

On April the 11th, Moroccan actor and stand-up comedian Gad Elmaleh was Jimmy Fallon's guest on NBC's The Tonight Show. Promoting his new show the “American Dream”, the bilingual actor showed everyone there the steps of a Moroccan dance.

After talking about cinema, the French version of Saturday Night Live and the American comedian Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Fallon carried on his interview with Gad while dancing to some Moroccan music.

“Dancing is very important to me” responded Gad Elmaleh who took the opportunity to introduce the Moroccan shakeout. The video was published on the comedian's Facebook page later.

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