Terrorism : Four Moroccan-Dutch nationals arrested in the Netherlands and Belgium

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On Monday, the Dutch public prosecutor announced the arrest of four Moroccan-Dutch nationals suspected of plotting a terrorist attack.

The arrests were carried out in Oudenbosh, Rosendael and Antwerp, Belgium following the request of the Essen National Prosecutor's Office. Dutch police’ report shows that digital data was seized in three houses in Oudenbosch and Roosendaal, a warehouse in Sprundel, and two houses in Essen and Antwerp.

However, neither weapons nor explosives were found in those houses, but the police indicate that three cars were confiscated.

The arrestees are allegedly related to recordings made public in 2017. They were made accessible following the arrest of an individual in Rotterdam who was planning an attack against the Turkish consulate in December 2016.

The individual is currently in prison and is serving a four-year sentence. This should be reviewed following a request from the public prosecutor's office, which requires an eight-year sentence.

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