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Repatriating Moroccan migrants in Libya is taking longer than expected

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The repatriation of Moroccan nationals in Libya, recently announced by the Moroccan authorities, is taking longer than expected. The Libyan Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency announced that seven Moroccan nationals had returned to the Kingdom in the last two weeks while four did the same on April the 2nd as well as three others last weekend, reports Wednesday Alyaoum24.

The repatriated Moroccans stopped at the Tunis airport to take a flight to Mohammed V airport in Casablanca, adds the same source.

The returnees are those «who had their passports on them and who purchased plane tickets with their own money, while others are still stuck there because they couldn't meet the same requirements», wrote the Arabic-language newspaper.

At the beginning of April, the Libyan agency announced that «the procedures needed to repatriate the Moroccan migrants have been launched». The Moroccan authorities promised to issue provisional passports for those migrants who don't have passports, «so that they can enter Morocco through the Mitiga airport, near the Libyan capital, Tripoli».

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