Quebec mosque shooting : The assailant was targeting Muslims and feminists

Ph. Radio-Canada - Francis Desharnais
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While plotting the Quebec mass shooting that killed six people and occurred on the evening of January 29, 2017, at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City, Alexander Bissonnette was googling Muslim-related information. Recent revelations suggest that he has also visited the website of feminist groups at the Laval University in Quebec to get information about their upcoming activities, La Tribune reported on Monday.

A report revealing details about Bissionnette’s computer data shows that weeks after carrying out the attack, he took days off because of anxiety, said the same source.

The assailant has «compiled statistics on different religions in the world as well as on the number of immigrants in different countries», he also has «done several researches on the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec (CCIQ), but also on the mosque of the Association of Muslim Students of Laval University», says La Tribune.

Alexandre Bissonnette paid particular attention to the Women's Committee and to another feminist group at the Laval University. He was as well interested in their upcoming events.

The report indicates that a few hours before the shooting, Bissonnette checked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Twitter account and read tweets on refugees in the country. He has also visited the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec's Facebook page twelve times, as well as another white supremacists’ pages.

For its part, Radio Canada indicates that the accused is facing 150-year sentence.

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