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Dutch Foreign Minister to visit Morocco

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok./Ph. DR
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Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok is going to visit Morocco Friday, April the 20th. He is expected to meet his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Bourita, reports on Thursday Reformatorish Dagblad.

During his Morocco trip, Blok will discuss a number of topics related to the repatriation of Moroccan asylum seekers, means of cooperation for the fight against terrorism, as well as questions linked to the Sahara conflict, especially as the Netherlands is a member of the UN Security Council.

Moreover, the same source indicates that the two ministers will likely discuss the case of the two Dutch politicians who were banned from entering Al Hoceima and organized crime in the Netherlands controlled mainly by the Moroccan mafia (Mocro-Maffia).

For the record, in 2017 two hitmen killed a young student by mistake in Marrakech when trying to shoot Mustapha.F, a notorious figure of the Moroccan Mafia operating in the Netherlands.

The Dutch minister, who was serving before as Minister of Security and Justice might also shed light during his trip to the Kingdom on the possibility of establishing a prisoner transfer agreement with Morocco.