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Scott Pruitt attended one meeting on his first day in Morocco, says updated calendar

EPA's chief Scott Pruitt./Ph. DR
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In an updated version of Scott Pruitt’s Moroccan calendar sent by the Environmental Protection Agency to ABC News, it is indicated that he attended only one meeting on the first day of his trip to Morocco.

The document was modified after a first calendar showed earlier this month blacked out sections hiding the rest of the activities the Republican did when in the Kingdom.

In fact, the new calendar and which parts of it were hidden previously show the details of a meeting held in the USA that Pruitt missed because he was in Morocco.

«The four-page redaction to the Morocco schedule is simply a calendar entry for a Senior Staff Meeting at EPA Headquarters in D.C., which the Administrator did not attend because he was in Morocco», EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox said Friday in a statement.

The section looked big because it included a list of the attendees invited to the meeting, said the same source.

However, Pruitt had more than one meeting scheduled for his first day in Morocco but he ended up attending only one. «Due to snow in Washington, Administrator Pruitt’s outbound flight was delayed, he missed his connection in Paris, spent the night there and flew out the next morning», added Wilcox.

Returning to the U.S on the 13th of December from a work visit to Morocco, the Republican has been since then criticized for his travel expenses and for prioritizing the promotion of natural gas imports. The critics erupted when EPA shared a communiqué listing the meetings and activities Pruitt held while in the North African country.

Scott Pruitt, in fact, «outlined U.S. environmental priorities for updating the Environmental Work Plan under the U.S.-Morocco Free Trade Agreement and the potential benefit of liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports on Morocco’s economy», explained the agency in the same press release.

For the record Pruitt’s controversial trip to the Kingdom is investigated by the EPA’s inspector general alongside his travel expenses.

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