Ivry-sur-Seine mayor leaves Betz without meeting King Mohammed VI

vry-sur-Seine mayor Philippe Bouyssou leaving a message for King Mohammed VI in front of his palace in Betz, France./Ph. Le Parisien -L.M.
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Ivry-sur-Seine mayor Philippe Bouyssou has not met King Mohammed VI, this Tuesday in Betz (Oise), reports Le Parisien.

«Despite undergoing a 140-kilometer trip, wearing a colorful scarf and having the strongest determination, no one has bothered answering the door when the Communist mayor knocked on Mohammed VI’s door in Betz. He simply left after spending one hour waiting outside», the newspaper writes.

The politician hoped, however, to be received by the Moroccan sovereign to defend the cause of Claude Mangin, the wife of a Sahrawi prisoner who wishes to visit her detained husband in Morocco, following her expulsion from the country.

The French woman who is currently on a hunger strike has been banned from visiting her detained husband since October 2016.

«I decided to go to push things to the limits by coming here, hoping to see a press manager, someone from the family or the entourage of the King», said Philippe Bouyssou, accompanied by his assistants Séverine Peter (French Communist party) and Mehdy Belabbas, as well as the departmental councilor Lamya Kirouani (French Communist party).

«If they don’t answer me, I'll go to the Elysee. I believe that Emmanuel Macron and Mohammed VI are in good terms, good enough to look into the issue of our fellow citizen,» he added.

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