Moroccans to rally Saturday in Rotterdam to support the Hirak

A rally organized in the Netherlands to support the Hirak./Ph. Rijnmond-Archive
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Moroccan-Dutch nationals to rally Saturday, in Rotterdam (Netherlands) demanding «better living conditions in northern Morocco», reports Dutch newspaper Rijnmond Friday.

The rally will start at 2:00pm in the Schouwburg Square, after the delivery of a speech by the organizers, says the same source.

«Many Riffians believe that the Moroccan government is investing too little money in the region [in addition to] corruption and unemployment», says Rijnmond.

It recalls Mohcine Fikri's «violent death», a fishmonger who had his goods thrown in a garbage truck by the police. «When he wanted to save his goods, he was crushed and killed».

The Dutch media also recalls that since the beginning of regular demonstrations throughout the Rif region, several solidarity and protest sit-ins have already taken place in Rotterdam, namely last June, organized by Moroccan-Dutch citizens «who are worried about the situation in the country of their parents».

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