Hada Houa L'Maroc : Bigg reacts to the viral boycott through a remix of «This is America»

Donald Glover in his new track 'This is America' that inspired Moroccan rapper Don Bigg./Ph. Youtube Screenshot
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Moroccan rapper Taoufik Hazeb aka Don Bigg has released a new track, inspired by U.S. big hit «This is America».

Bigg's «Hada Houa l'Maroc», released Friday 11th of May, is a remix of the American song released on the 5th of the current month by actor and rapper Donald Grover.

In his version of the viral track, Don Bigg rapped in Moroccan Arabic criticizing the current situation in Morocco and the boycott campaign, converting his anger into words. Taoufik Hazeb's rap matched the content of Grover's music video in which the American artist voiced his fears, worries and disagreement with the U.S. controversial gun policy.

Bigg's choice was not at all accidental, the American song has indeed went viral on social media and was under the spotlight for the last five days.

According to CNN, This is America «earned 12.9 million views in its first 24 hours, making it one of the 10 biggest music video debuts of the year».

Through the video and lyrics, Donald Glover discussed gun violence, race and the role of social media influence, adds the same source.

The song bore a series of symbolic messages, which somehow went along with Bigg's way of describing "his" Morocco and the viral boycott compaign taking place in the Kingdom.

Through his rapping, the Moroccan artist referred to the government's policy and some of the Moroccan ministers' viral declarations regarding it. Bigg has even mentioned «Madawikh» (foolish) an adjective Finance and Economy minister Mohamed Boussaid used to describe people boycotting the three local products (milk, gas and bottled water). It also featured a passage from King Mohammed VI's speech in which he slams Moroccan politicians.

For the record, Don Bigg is a Casablanca-native rapper who debuted his career by singing in English. He is mostly known for his 2006 album Mgharba Tal Mout (Moroccans to death) which included Baraka Men Lkhouf (Stop being afraid). He is notorious for rapping about social and political issues such as corruption.

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